Animal Tracking



Tracking 101

Animal Tracking Workshop

Open to adults. Cost: $15 ($12 for River Bend members).
Pre-registration is required by July 15th.

Saturday, July 30th, 2016, 9:00am-4:00pm

River Bend Nature Center will host Twin Cities tracking expert Jonathan Poppele of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project for a one-day introduction to the fundamentals of animal tracking. Our ancesors learned to read the tracks and signs of the aniamls living around them in order to eat, understand their world, and to survive. Course participants will learn the theory and practice of tracking as a way to be more deeply ocnnected with the natural world.

Tracking begins with finding tracks and other clues left by animals in the wild and using them to deduce the identities of that wildlife; as trackers gain experience, tracking leads to a deeper understanding of the lives and behaviors of those animals. Dress to be comfortable inside (presentations and lecture) and outside on and off the trail. Bring your own lunch. You may also wish to bring a notebook and writing utensil, a small ruler (6" platic rulers work well), a measuring tape, and a camera.